The Consequences of Illegal Abortions with a crochet hook

This three-dimensional model shows a uterus wall that has been perforated by a crochet hook. The results are heavy bleeding and inflammation of the abdominal cavity.

When abortions are illegal, instruments that do not raise suspicion, such as crochet needles, are used.

The uterus is almost always tilted forwards or backwards. Inserting a rigid instrument straight into the abdominal cavity can easily puncture its wall. In the past, this often caused heavy bleeding and/or serious inflammation, and a large number of women either died or experienced serious complications.

Today, with abortions performed legally, perforation is extremely rare. However, surgery and treatment with antibiotics will prevent permanent injury should it occur.

Inventory Number
metal, glass, plastic, plaster, wax
Size in cm
30 x 35