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21 contraceptive pills in a small plastic box, in the …

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A tour through our museum

Three rooms show a ramble through the history of contraception from the ancient Egyptians to the methods of tomorrow, woman and man.

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Die fruchtbaren und unfruchtbaren Tage der Frau und deren richtige Berechnung

Ein Buch zur Aufklärung für alle erwachsenen Mädchen und Frauen über den Rhythmus der zeugenden Kräfte im Körper eines Weibes und dessen Ausnützung für ein natürliches Geschlechtsleben bei voller Beherrschung ihrer Fortpflanzung.
Mit einem Nachwort von Prof. Dr.Josef Miller SJ., Jesuitenkolleg Innsbruck. Beiliegend war ein Menstruationskalender sowie ein Zählstab zur Ermittlung des Datums der fruchtbaren Tage.

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Contraception 100 years ago: good start, tragic end

After Mensinga had developed and publicised the diaphragm against fierce opposition – including from his colleagues – many doctors, pharmacists and scientists from all over the world strived to make further improvements. One of these innovations was the “Secura” combined air-cushion pessary from the Wismar veterinarian Dr. Wilhelm Leonhardt.

The good, good mallow

“A nutritious, crispy sliver, 10 millimetres across, round, and easy to grip by its rough surface – how tantalising does that sound to your ears, dear mallow weevil?”

Of the fulfilled and unfulfilled wishes of a museum

Just now, another of our implored wishes has come true: a simple white-green cardboard box on which is printed 'Anovlar'. 

When can a woman get pregnant? Austrian–Japanese consensus

This very month, October 2019, marks the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Austro-Japanese friendship, trade and shipping treaty of 1869. 

However, this list is forgetting one important area: medicine.