Vaginal douche made in France

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Ein Blick ins Museum

Drei Räume zeigen einen Streifzug durch die Geschichte der Verhütung von den alten Ägyptern bis zu den Methoden von morgen, bei Frau und Mann.

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Digitales Frauenthermometer

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Dirk Wildemeersch MD has died

The tireless developer and genius inventor of contraceptive coils, Dirk Wildemeersch MD, has died. Over years of meticulous work, he developed the Gynefix® coil in 1984: the nylon thread with small copper beads is fixed in the wall of the uterus, and thus the risk of it being expelled without one noticing is very low.

Ferdinand Peeters (1918-1998)

It is him that we have to thank for the first ever pill in Germany, Anovlar: he investigated, assessed and developed the dosage of a Schering research preparation.