Due to the current situation in Austria the museum is closed until Tuesday 14 April 2020.

Ortho-Novum SQ

20 contraceptive pills in a storage box in white-blue or gold-white …

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A tour through our museum

Three rooms show a ramble through the history of contraception from the ancient Egyptians to the methods of tomorrow, woman and man.

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Die natürliche Geburtenregelung nach Knaus-Ogino. In der Ehe zur Natur zurück.

o.J. Okart. 55 S. - [SW: Varia, Medizin]Preis: EUR 8,00Typo mit Serifen, einzelne Seiten ungleich gedruckt, innere Umschlagseite gestaltet, äußere Umschlagseite 2-farbige Grafiklösung

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Of the fulfilled and unfulfilled wishes of a museum

Just now, another of our implored wishes has come true: a simple white-green cardboard box on which is printed 'Anovlar'. 

When can a woman get pregnant? Austrian–Japanese consensus

This very month, October 2019, marks the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Austro-Japanese friendship, trade and shipping treaty of 1869. 

However, this list is forgetting one important area: medicine. 

Ferdinand Peeters (1918-1998)

It is him that we have to thank for the first ever pill in Germany, Anovlar: he investigated, assessed and developed the dosage of a Schering research preparation.

Dirk Wildemeersch MD has died

The tireless developer and genius inventor of contraceptive coils, Dirk Wildemeersch MD, has died. Over years of meticulous work, he developed the Gynefix® coil in 1984: the nylon thread with small copper beads is fixed in the wall of the uterus, and thus the risk of it being expelled without one noticing is very low.