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Three rooms provide a look at the history of contraception, from ancient Egypt to methods that will be used in the future, by both men and women; the fascinating development of pregnancy tests, from indirect indicators such as a rooster’s crow to modern test strips; and also contemporary abortion in light of its development from the laws implemented by Maria Theresia to current statutes. You can read case histories, listen to literary quotes, track parliamentary votes, open kitchen drawers, and learn about both tinkerers and pioneers.


Mariahilfer Gürtel 37/ First Floor 
1150 Vienna (Map)

Opening Hours:
Wednesday through Sunday 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Group tours (90 minutes) are available upon request and take place outside of regular hours. Please call +43/699/178 178 06 or mail to to make arrangements.

Please note: The museum is located on the Mariahilfer Guertel, NOT the Mariahilferstrasse - two streets which are easily confused.

Audio tours of the museum are available via telephone. Visitors can call from within or outside the museum at local rates. Visitors to the museum from abroad are provided with cell phones by the museum for temporary use.

+43 1 236 300 02 (Contraception)
+43 1 236 300 03 (Abortion)