Tours for groups

Guided tours for groups (90 minutes)

Prices for guided tours incl. admission
per person € 12,- or € 75,- flat rate,
if less than 7 persons participate.

For visitors aged 21 or younger
per person € 5,- or € 75,- flat rate,
if less than 15 persons participate.


Registration and scheduling of appointments:
+43/699/178 178 06

Important! Cancellation policy:
Appointment cancellations must be made at least 3 days in advance, otherwise we have to charge you the flat rate of € 75.

Guided tours for schools

Whoever’s younger than 40 and grew up in Austria might have already exercised their right to an abortion. Things might have not always been uncomplicated, and at times women have had to put up with a great deal – although the right has been already in place. Whoever’s younger than 60 has been able to choose from among several different contraceptives, and could even pick the pill as a safe and reliable method.

The current situation, the past and the future in the field of contraception, pregnancy tests and abortion, in Austria and other countries, interest museum visitors of all ages. Whether they want to learn about how various methods work, as reminders of experiences good or bad, in order to better understand stories told by older relatives, for interpretation of historical or literary accounts, to obtain information concerning political and social trends, or for any number of other reasons.

Aids and equipment used for contraception, pregnancy tests and abortion can be seen, heard, understood and in some cases touched. The collection includes, for example, aids for calculating the fertile and safe days of the menstrual cycle, an animated diagram of male sterilisation, CT images of sexual intercourse, knitting needles and soapsuds used for abortions in the past, the forerunners of IUDs, methods of contraception in the future, ‘abortion tourism’ routes and much more. Information is also provided in the form of films, videos, audio recordings, posters, brochures, books, other kinds of documents, and statistics.

When leaving, visitors may well be a little bit more thoughtful than before, better informed, more compassionate in light of the inadequate efforts of generations before us, amused by odd attempts, and sensitised to current developments, that expand upon or limit an individual’s right to make their own choices about their body.