femidom (Female Condom)

Based on the function of condoms and intended to provide women with a barrier method they could use to protect themselves regardless of the partner’s cooperation. Though initially greeted with a great deal of praise and the efforts to market it were considerable, this product was never a success and soon disappeared from the market in most countries.

Presumably, the femidom did not offer sufficient advantages compared to other methods that were already available, and its disadvantages were too significant, such as the relatively high price for a single application, difficulty in terms of use, and the squeaking sounds they make.

The femidom provides a good example of the difficulties involved in introducing new contraceptives so they are able to compete with methods that are already established. It also shows the discrepancy between theoretical design and the actual needs of individuals.

The large number of contraceptive methods that are currently available satisfy most user needs, and innovations that fail to offer distinct advantages will not become popular.

Inventory Number
plastic, latex
Size in cm
12,2 x 8 x 0,5
very good