Stop - Children

Rectangular mousepad carrying advert for the Marie Stopes Health Centres, which were run by Marie Stopes International, founded in 1976. They’re named for the Scottish women’s-rights campaigner and pioneer in the field of birth control Marie Carmichael Stopes (1880-1958).

The mousepad shows a female school crossing patrol officer (“lollipop lady“) from behind. She’s wearing a yellow jacket with fluorescent stripes and a white hat with a black brim. On her back is printed: Marie Stopes Vasectomy Clinics 0845 300 0212. The patrol officer holds in her left hand a stop sign with a red edge and a white field. In its middle field, there’s a horizontal black bar and the line ‘Stop Children’.

In white text on a black field below the photograph: Visit us on line at: Termination of Pregnancy appointments: 0845 300 1212 Male and Female Sterilisation appointments: 0845 300 0212 For further information and supplies of referral forms: 020 7574 7413. The logo and the name Marie Stopes Health Centres appear in the lower right corner.

Inventory Number
vor 2003
Size in cm