A Guide to Contraceptives Kit

Fourteen contraceptive methods are presented: the combined pill, triphasic pill, progestogen-only pill, condom, contraceptive implant, vasectomy, cap (diaphragm and cervical cap), sterilisation, sponge, IUD, spermicide, coitus interruptus, abstinence, and the rhythm method. There are 3D descriptions of how each method works plus anatomical, life-size depictions, and the pros and cons of every one are explained. Furthermore, a diagram indicates every method’s reliability.

This briefcase presents the situation in the US in the early 1990s: For example, six implants were placed under the skin, today only one is needed. Also, the IUD shown is not state of the art of 2012: nowadays, the sperm’s mobility is reduced by means of copper ions, which prevents fertilisation of a mature egg cell.

The brochure, “Today’s Contraceptives – What’s Best For You?” by W.R. Spencer, contains both detailed descriptions of the methods and comprehensive advice, which provide insight into sex myths that were common in the 1990s: can women get pregnant their very first time? Is pregnancy possible when the woman’s on top? Is she fertile while nursing?


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