Like the birth-control pill, this new contraception method combines progestin and oestrogen. The hormones are gradually released and absorbed through the surface of the vagina.

The NuvaRing stays in the vagina for 3-weeksʼ time. Before inserting the next one, there is a 1-week break without a ring. The user can put the ring in and take it out by herself. One size only. The method’s advantages: There is no need to take a pill every day, hence no risk of forgetting it. the continuous distribution of the hormones from the ring their concentration is lower than in the pill.

The blue vaginal ring is packed in plastic and stored in a blue box with silver lettering.

  • Inventory Number: 1198
  • Dating: 2003
  • Material: plastic
  • Size in cm: 5,3 x 0,4 x 0,4
  • Condition: very good
  • Donor: Univ.Prof. Dr. Dr. Friedrich Schaller