Ortho Evra

The contraceptive patch contains the same combination of gestagen and estrogen as the pill and suppresses ovulation, thereby preventing unwanted pregnancy. The hormones are released gradually and absorbed through the skin.


Each package contains three patches that are replaced after one week, followed by a week without a patch during which menstruation takes place. The next patch is applied after this break. These thin beige patches can be adhered to the abdomen, upper arm or buttocks.


The advantages of this method: taking pills daily is not necessary, meaning that the user cannot forget. Thanks to the even dosage of hormones, a lower amount in total is required compared to the pill.


Informational material included. A square, translucent turquoise box with white lettering and the Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical logo and three empty Ortho Evra sample boxes, light blue and white, with a light blue Ortho Evra logo.


Inscription: Professional Sample - Not to be sold. 3 Transdermal Systems (a 1-month supply). Medical information is provided on the reverse along with a weekly list on which the days the patch must be changed can be checked.


This exhibit also includes a packet with the same Ortho Evra logo containing extra patches, patch change reminder stickers on a small piece of paper, an informational brochure with frequently asked questions concerning the patch program, and a small folder with additional information, in English.


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plastic, cardboard
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