Postinor is a contraceptive for emergency use after unprotected sex. This ‘morning-after pill’ prevents maturation of the egg cell and subsequent ovulation when taken as soon as possible after intercourse, within 72 hours at the most.


The ‘morning-after pill’ contains solely one hormone, a relatively high dose of a gestagen, and is well tolerated.

However, it is not as effective as regular contraception and for this reason should be used in emergencies only. Conventional methods of contraception are preferable, as Postinor cannot be relied upon to prevent pregnancy.


Since contraceptive failure is not coordinated with the opening hours of doctors’ surgeries and chemists’, prevention ahead of time is a good idea. Austria is one of the few western European countries where a prescription is required for this pill, and women must pay the 13 to 15 euros per dose from their own pocket. For this reason, obtaining a prescription when visiting a doctor and purchasing a ‘morning-after pill’ in advance can simplify matters. This will ensure effective preparation for any contraception failure and eliminate a great deal of agitation and stress. When doing so, an important factor to remember is that the ‘morning-after pill’ has a long expiration date, which is specified on the outer box.


Two tablets in a silver blister pack, with information in German, packaged in violet, white and red cardboard.


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