Schering PC 4

The ‘Schering PC 4’ is a morning-after pill. There are four white pills in the packet, set in a blister pack. The underneath of the blister pack is golden. The packet is white and orange.

On the packet is written, among other things, the composition of the tablets: tablet contains Levonorgestrel 0.25 mg (in 0.5 mg Norgestrel) and Ethinyloestradiol 0.05 mg.
A patient information leaflet, written in English, is provided alongside the tablets.


  • Inventory Number: 2431
  • Dating: 1996
  • Material: paper
  • Size in cm: 3,1 x 7,5 x 0,5
  • Condition: packet is damaged
  • Donor: Dr. Dame Margaret Sparrow