MUVS online sexual education tours for schools and providers of out-of-school youth work


Registration & appointments:

+43/699/17817806 (Mon, Tue & Fr: 11 a.m.- 5 p.m.) or

Tours are only held outside of our opening times 

Important Cancellation policy: Appointments must be cancelled at least 3 days in advance, otherwise we will have to charge you the flat fee of € 75. 


Online tours for school classes (90 minutes), €5 per peron, or a flat fee of €75 of fewer than 15 people participate

Please undsrstand that we require payment in advance for online tours!

Bank details 

ERSTE Bank (Austria)
IBAN AT80 2011 1828 7575 8302

or via Paypal 


Using a laptop, we guide you through our museum premises and impart both historical and current knowledge about the topics of contraception and abortion. To do so, we show exhibits and objects that are on display, including from the archive. Sexual education materials are also used to illustrate physical and anatomical conditions as these relate to the specific topics. 

The central educational goals of our institution include preventing unwanted pregnancies, imparting basic knowledge on the topics of sexuality, perception of one’s own body, and contraceptive methods, and developing an awareness of the extent of natural fertility. Of our two museum rooms, the focus is therefore on the one that deals with contraception. The final part is then dedicated to the abortion room. The tour traces an arc from historical to contemporary contraceptive methods, provides information on the morning-after pill, and addresses the medical and legal situation surrounding abortion in Austria today.


At the beginning of the online tour, we jointly appoint a group communicator, on a voluntary basis, together with the participants. We also draw the young people’s attention to the fact that, unlike in-person museum tours, the virtual space cannot offer a protected environment, and we point out that they can ask anonymous questions via In order to get an idea of what is currently of interest and relevant for the young people, we ask the organisers to collect anonymous questions in advance and to send these to us by post. We warmly welcome “joke questions”, because it is well known that behind these lie “real” concerns. For this reason, it is very important to us that these are allowed to reach us uncensored!

Once an appointment has been successfully booked, the Zoom meeting link will be sent by email, along with the invoice. In addition, the participating institutions will receive an MUVS goody pack consisting of:

SEX? – YEAH, SAFE! contraception brochure, postcards, effectiveness of contraceptive methods poster, vulva poster