Resistance/The Objector

Knaus is admittedly a member of the NSDAP and also treats the wives of leading Nazi figures, but nevertheless, he puts up resistance – for medical or humane reasons. For example, he criticises the Reichsarbeitsdienst (Reich Labour Service) because it “has only a detrimental impact upon 16–18-year-old girls” and champions Jewish colleagues, such as Alfred Kohn, emeritus Professor of histology and important researcher of endocrine glands, who in 1943 is taken away to the Theresienstadt concentration camp: “[Knaus] proved to be loyal to Kohn. He sends his personal carriage with gifts of foodstuffs to the camp, and they reached the professor too [...].” “What is more, I have saved many Czech women from internment by the Gestapo and provided them with certificates stating that they are not fit to undergo detention, even when they had already returned to health.”